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Welcome to Kek Jekkie! We are a webshop that specializes in houseplants. Whatever type of plant you may be looking for, from small cuttings to rare aroid species, we offer it all. We hope you enjoy our shop!



anthurium veitchii

We sell all types of plants, ranging from cuttings to rare aroids!

We are constantly working on finding new, amazing plants. The plants you order will be chosen and packaged with care!

philodendron plowmanii

are we?

Hi, thank you so much for visiting our website! If you want to get to know us a little better, then keep reading. 
Our names are Nina and Thijs. As you might have figured already, we are huge plant-lovers.  This resulted in us starting a webshop, so we could share our love of plants with everyone! We want plants to be accessible for anybody, which is why we sell such a wide range of plants. Our true love, however, is rare aroids, and we are always on the lookout for new species! 
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